This weekend while relaxing at a local brewery, I stumbled upon a small, intimate wedding taking place amidst the flowing beer, and it left me with a feeling of wedding bliss. In my mind, events are nothing more than mini interiors to style and decorate to my heart’s content, so with wedding season upon us, I felt obliged to put together my own summer wedding….

NT Wedding Inspiration 1

NT Wedding Inspiration 2

NT Wedding Inspiration 3

NT Wedding Inspiration 4

The color choices inspired me to go with a Tuscan theme – time-worn, elegant, and organic, with a hint of drama. Now, I wouldn’t have done my own wedding any other way, but if I had to get married again (to the same man, of course!)…this would be my inspiration.

I’m always curious about choice of wedding colors – what were yours and how did they inspire you?

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