For those of you that do not know me, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and it is not unknown for me to stress over the smallest of details. I consistently live up to this little quirk of mine every time we have visitors, particularly when it is someone seeing the home for the first time. Since I’m a decorator at heart, I expect far more out of myself and my home than I should, and when my home isn’t fully up to par (which it currently isn’t per my previous post!) I feel a terrible sense of guilt.

This weekend, for example, we had a couple of guests over, one who had not yet seen the house. While giving her the brief house tour, I kept apologizing for the “mess” and would give a detailed description of my grandiose plans for the space. Finally, she looked at me and said, “the house looks great! It’s comfortable. You’ve obviously done a ton of work in the year you’ve been here.” This quieted me down a little and made me realize that perhaps I’m not as far behind as I think. In a little over a year, we bought a house, we moved to a new city, we got married, we traveled, and we transformed this house into a comfortable home. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. And frankly, it shouldn’t be.

This reminds me of a book that I purchased a few years ago called A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life.

A Perfectly Kept House...

Do I want my home to be perfect and picturesque? Absolutely. I want to open the door to my house and feel as though I am actually walking into a scene from Elle Decor or House Beautiful. I want it to ooze with style, comfort, sweet smells (unfortunately, I live with a dog, a cat, and a husband that have not yet grasped this concept), and perhaps already made cucumber sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies . And I want my guests to have the very same feelings of delight. I want WOW them with my decorating skills and hostessing abilities. However, I do have passions other than cleaning and cooking, and only so much time in the day…

So what is a girl to do? This is my new epiphany: a girl is is to do nothing! Sometimes, life gets messy, and this is the time when I should revel in it. I am too busy to constantly clean, I have a life to live! My home should not be perfection, it should be comfortable and look comfortably lived in. The pictures in magazines are not real life, it is a make believe world that takes a photographer, creative director, stylists, and staff to create. Were I to have an entourage of all of the above, I would be happy in my own make believe world, but alas, I do not so I must make due with what I have – it will definitely not be perfection, but more importantly, it will not be a misspent life.

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