Why hello my lovely readers and once again, I do apologize for my brief absence. I realize that lately, I seem to be slacking on the blog front – I had hopes of writing every single weekday since the conception of this blog, but life – and the occasional curveball – seems to think otherwise. Most recently, my mother came into town…

I know, I know. It sounds like a lame excuse and frankly – it is! I’ve read blogs in which the blogger will religiously post Every. Single. Day. While on vacation, while frantically trying to finish a thousand other deadlines, even while at the ER, pre and post surgery. (My excuse doesn’t quite make the cut, does it?)

I do love blogging. I really do. I think I’m simply trying to find the right balance of business and pleasure, of too much or too little. How much of myself do I share? How much time do I spend researching and browsing? How often should I compare myself to the millions of other blogs floating around out there? And how much (or little?) precedence should I place on my own? Furthermore, I very much enjoy writing in the moment; I love sharing my thoughts and feelings within the moments I am thinking and feeling them. For me, this is what creates the connection between you and me – an instantaneous sharing of experience. Sure, I could feasibly build up dozens of draft blogs to publish at any given moment – when I’m on vacation, when I have visitors, when I’m ill and exhausted, or simply when I don’t feel like writing for no reason at all – but some how, perhaps a bit irrationally, this would makes me feel dishonest…

I suppose I simply want my writing to come from the heart, from some sense of passion, and from raw emotion. And while I often struggle with this, it is an ideal that makes blogging so worthwhile to me.

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