One of my favorite, go-to, easy-as-pie crafts that I can’t quite get enough of is stenciling. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it instantly adds character and personality to any room. Most importantly, it’s easy on the wallet!

There actually are quite complicated stencils out there that require time, a steady hand, and lots and lots of patience, but I, of course, lean toward the very uncomplicated, instant gratification kind of stencils. Yes, that’s much more my style…

Bistro Sign Styled

Farm Fresh Profile 2 edited

Be Our Guest_edited-2

I actually sold all of these pieces and plan on making many more in the future, but you can make your own with just a few, simple items:

  1. Letter stencils, which you can purchase in various sizes at any hobby store (I got mine from Michaels). Or take a browse on Etsy!
  2. Stencil adhesive (ditto). Just be sure to not spray too much adhesive on the stencil, and allow it to dry for 30 seconds before applying onto your board. Otherwise, the adhesive could leave behind a residue.
  3. Paint and small paint brush – I like to use a flat, rounded brush to dab into the stencil rather than using brush strokes. That way, paint doesn’t get stuck into the crevices and/or seep under the stencil to create a huge mess!
  4. A distressed board. Or, you can simply create your own distress by adding a few drops of water to a darker base color of your choice, watered down just enough (similar to the consistency of a fruit smoothie) to create a stain – brush on, allow to sit for about 15-20 seconds, and then wipe of with a cloth. Continue to do this until you have your desired color, but allowing the grain of the wood to still show through. After the base layer is dry, do the same with a white paint, but add just a couple extra drops of water for a slightly thinner consistency (this is called white-washing). The grain of the wood should still show through. Once the top layer is dry, use sandpaper (I prefer 180-grit) to distress it to your desired look.
  5. Picture hangers, twine, or ribbon to hang your original art!

I tend to see stenciled art everywhere – and I love it, knowing that I can create my own. Even Décor Steals’ “deal of of the day” today was a stencil piece that I (and you) could easily recreate!


So, now that you have this effortless craft fresh in your mind, what phrase do you plan on stenciling? A few of my favorites are:

“Be calm & carry on”

“Think happy. Be happy.”

“Ooh la la!”

“It’s always worth it.”

And of course,

“Farm Fresh”

Enjoy! Smile

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