Better late than never, I finally got my hands on the Winter edition of Flea Market Style magazine and it was love at first sight. The vintage  “Hausrind” anatomical diagram on the cover is nothing short of fabulous! Where can I get one? (I’m actually quite serious – if you know where I can find one please shoot me an email at kekaylor@gmail.com and I will be in your debt forever!)  

Open to page 94 and you will be faced with the gorgeous home of Celeste Shaw, award-winning restaurateur, nurse, and vintage maven (I know, how does she do it all?!). I love the rusted and wood-worn patina throughout the farmhouse that Celeste and her husband expanded upon over 30 years; the amazingly distressed kitchen cabinets made from chipped and peeling bead board pulled from beneath a porch on a friend’s farmhouse, the 19th-century swing that hangs from the living room ceiling, the 300-drawer antique seed cabinet (with original seed packets!), the time-worn French metal dining chairs, I could go on and on…

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find images of the home floating around the internet, so you’ll have to pick up a copy of Flea Market Style to see for yourself! But here’s a sneak peak (my apologies for the quality of the photos – I actually snapped pics from the magazine!)…

Celeste Shaw KitchenCeleste Shaw Dining

Celeste Shaw Seed Cabinet

Yep, I think Celeste Shaw is definitely my new Girl Crush

(Also, a quick shout out to Marian Parsons – aka Miss Mustard Seed – for her fantastic Flea Market Style office makeover!)

If you have any free time this weekend, here’s a roundup of a few other good reads:

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Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

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