Why hello my friends and welcome back to the daily grind! I hope everyone had an exceptional weekend – I know I did. As mentioned, my parents came into town for the weekend and it couldn’t have turned out any better. The weather was fabulous, the food was filling, the beer was flowing, and the football was, well…..a bit torturous, actually – UVA  lost. But if that’s the worst of my weekend, I’ll take it!

After my parents left on Sunday afternoon, I dragged out the leisurely weekend for as long as possible with a pile of magazines that I insisted on browsing through before removing my butt from the couch. And it paid off. During this said browsing session, I came across the In the Vernacular article via Architectural Digest, and was immediately reminded of my dream to go to Blackberry Farm….


Needless to say, much daydreaming commenced!

In the Vernacular describes the newly built home of second-generation Blackberry Farmers, Sam Beall and his wife Mary Celeste. The home, designed by Spitzmiller & Norris and decorated by Suzanne Kasler, sits on scenic rise over looking the meadows of the 4,200 acre Blackberry Farm and, simply said, it is stunning…

The house was built using as many local artisans and materials as possible – an excellent example of this is the interior trim and paneling, built out of the hardwood felled to accommodate the property, as well as the fieldstone used for the chimneys, fireplaces, and the central bay’s façade, which were harvested from the property.

I love the traditional twist on a country classic and while the home décor is a bit more tailored than my own design taste, I can’t deny its exquisiteness! It is a modern take of southern hospitality at its best! And a lovely addition to Blackberry Farm. Oh, how I dream….


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