I’m sure I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions the love/hate relationship I have with my kitchen. It’s cute, but in an adorably dirty little kid kind of way. Yeah, it’s small, it’s in need of a new paint job and a good scrub, it desperately needs more cabinet and counter space, and frankly, it’s just a bit embarrassing.

I’m not kidding! Take a peek for yourself…

Kitchen 2012


Obviously, per the upper right corner, we will be repainting very soon – as soon as my husband and I can actually agree on a color….(he actually loves the color the kitchen currently is, but considering that I spend far more time in it than he does, I put  my foot down and demanded something a little more mellow!).

Kitchen Window

This window is one of the rare things I love about the kitchen. It brings in so much natural light and manages to keep me fairly entertained while I cook.

Kitchen Pantry

But this is where things truly begin to go downhill – oh, the horror! I love open cabinets otherwise, and our kitchen has many of them, but this pantry needs to be behind closed doors, period.

Needless to say, a renovation is necessary, so over the last few months, I’ve been collecting ideas that we could incorporate into this less than ideal kitchen. Here are a few things that I found:

Kitchen Changes

Images via here and here.


Images via here and here.


Image via here.


Image via here.

With this in mind, let’s go back to the current state of my kitchen with a few plans written in…


With a roof to replace and a studio shed to build, we are probably going to renovate a little at a time, starting with the painting and the bead board, but I’m certain even that tiny bit will go a long way!

What do you think – good start? Any suggestions?


  1. i personally think your kitchen isn’t that bad but I love all of your proposed ideas! love apron sinks and the butcher block counter in front of the pantry sounds amazing! good luck deciding what you are going to do (and getting hubby on board!) 😉

  2. I would take down the window cover and put glass shelving across the span of the window, use it as a herb garden area, put some colored bottles so the light can shine through but you still have some privacy

  3. While you are waiting, you could put a roller blind (or match the ones on your windows) to cover the pantry. Mount it at the top and put a little hook at the bottom to hold it down. I’m partial to blue, so I’m no use advising about color. Again, while you are waiting you could do a painted wainscoting type effect by painting the bottom of the end wall a glossy white up to the top of the counter or the bottom of the window. You would then “test drive” the effects of the beadboard without the major investment. You might hate that much white and need some color. Our kitchen is a deep sky blue with white cabinets and formica blue-gray counter tops. The blue is a behr color and is the shade that a clear sky is at twilight. Since our kitchen is 8′ x 8′ it makes it seem a little larger by pushing the walls outward.
    Have fun.

    • Beth, thank you for your thoughtful suggestions! I just painted my kitchen over the weekend, but the pantry is still a mess of course. I’ve been thinking about putting up some kind of curtain or blinds until we get the pantry built out, but if I actually do this, I’ll probably procrastinate on the build out even more! I actually stumbled upon an easy project for the pantry so I’m hoping to get it under control after Thanksgiving. I’d love to see pictures of your kitchen – it sounds beautiful!

  4. I am in the middle of renovating my kitchen as we speak! Check out my blog to see pictures of teh cabinets I just refinished. You could hang a really cute window panel or something to hide that pantry just in the meantime, until you have the budget to do what you really wan to do! I just found your blog on hometalk and your house is right up my alley! Good luck!

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