I  hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I had quite the productive one, but I still only finished a quarter of what I wanted to accomplish! With my entire family coming into town in just a couple of days, and only a small house to contain them all, I am doing my darndest to get things organized, finish up last minute projects, clean, and get as much food prepped as possible. Whew (and I’m sure many of ya’ll are in the same boat and feeling my pain!)!

My husband and I also decided to take on a new project over the weekend. Remember this kitchen…

Kitchen 2012

Well, we finally decided to repaint it per the upper right hand corner sample color – Benjamin Moore in Silver Sage. I was hemming and hawing over the color for a while, but I’m actually thrilled with the outcome – it really brightens up the kitchen, brings the outdoors in, and makes certain pieces pop:

Kitchen Repainted 2012

Kitchen Updated 2012

I also added a little character that expresses my sentiment exactly…



What do you think? Do you like the new color (Team Kristen) or do you prefer the original brick-ish red like my husband (Team Tom)?

ps….I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just 2.5 days away! Are you as stressed as I am?


    • Nancy, I know the brick-ish red was a popular color. I do miss it a little, but for me, the green is so much more serene, and I need as much serenity as possible when cooking! I appreciate your honesty, and I know Team Tom is happy 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! I actually had that sign in my Etsy shop to sell, but my husband liked it so much he purchased it for himself 🙂 Sweet guy. I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

    • Jen, thanks so much! And I can just picture your little one bugging you to go outside 🙂 So cute! I tried to make your adorable book wreath last night, by the way, and it didnt turn out quite as well! I used vintage sheet music but I think the weight of the paper was a little too heavy or something…

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