‘Tis the season. I am slowly packing up my Fall décor and transitioning over to Christmas – I’ve given myself until Dec. 1 to get in gear! And while I have yet to unpack the boxes brimming with Christmas spirit, I have found a moment to get my holiday craft on.

Before diving into my DIY, however, I must divulge to you a most amazing deal! I mentioned in a previous post that Trader Joes was selling boxwood wreaths, but at the time I wasn’t quite sure of cost or size. Well, I happened to swing by Trader Joes yesterday and to my disbelief, these adorable and perfectly sized wreaths were only $9.99! Needless to say, I left with an armful (and a dazzling smile). At such a fabulous price, I highly recommend grabbing a few for yourself before they are all out!

Boxwood Doubled

I then headed to Michael’s and left with an armful of supplies…

My first task was to hang up my newly purchased boxwood wreaths. Two of them were perfect as is for my dining room French doors – I simply wrapped a ribbon around each and pinned them to the door. For my third boxwood, I wanted to add a little zest, so I wove in a few berries, added a couple of doves, a few pinecones, and again, hung with ribbon:

Boxwood Styled

Now full of holiday spirit, I moved on to my next project:

Twig Wreath Unfinished

I picked up this guy while at Michael’s, as well as this:


So with the Krylon in hand, I lightly sprayed the wreath to give it that frosted look, allowed the paint to dry, and then sprayed the snow in areas where snow would typically gather…

Twig Wreath Sprayed

I then wove in a few red berries and added a couple of cardinals for that pop of color (unfortunately, the Charlottesville Michael’s was out of a lot of supplies so I only managed to snag two of them, but as soon as a new shipment comes in, I’ll be adding more!).

Here is what it looks like in the meantime, simple and sweet:

Twig Wreath

Finally, since I didn’t quite complete the above wreath and my hands were itching for another project, I decided to fashion another, smaller, sheet music wreath for my living room mantle:

Sheet Music Wreath

(yeah, that’s an a/c vent you see there, right in the center of my living room wall! Not sure why the renovator decided to place it there…but it is the bane of my existence. I try to hide it as much as possible!)

You can find the tutorial here.

After this little bit of crafting, I’m now feel like I’m on a roll. Next: the mantles. Time to break out my big box of Christmas!


  1. very pretty! soon I hope to have an awesome idea up on my blog to cover that vent! we have one to up in our loft which I am turning into my craft room. It’s huge like 1.5′ x1.5′ but I have an idea to hide it for good but still allow it to be functional! stay tuned!

  2. You’ve given me some good ideas for a holiday auction basket I’m putting together! Do you know if they have those wood cut outs you had yesterday in snowmen or Christmas trees? Any other small holiday DIY ideas are welcome!

    • The Michaels by me actually has an entire aisle of wood cut outs! You could also get some of little birds, a miniature nest, and paint up some mini eggs. Or you can put together some bunting with twine and burlap, or even just some construction paper, that says “happy holidays.” I’ll email you some more ideas!

  3. I am loving Boxwood anything right now. I have been scouring the internet for a good deal on boxwood garlands and wreaths. As of yet, nothing that is within budget to handle my ginormous stairway … I still want to wreaths for my dining room windows and low and behold a Trader Joes JUST opened not far from me that I have yet to visit and there is a Micheal’s next door.
    I think it’s a sign.

    • Yellow Mae, how’s your decorating going? I hope you managed to find some boxwoods! I’m still looking for boxwood garland though. It’s impossible to find here in Charlottesville!

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