Well hello my friends! I very unintentionally went on a bit of a hiatus. I must say, puppy ownership has been taking a bit of a toll and quite frankly, taking over my life lately! Owning and attempting to train a very large puppy is much different than having a purse-size puppy (aka Ms. Mattie-Lu). And while Ollie is still a giant lovebug, he’s also a bit of a monster. A monster that can already reach counter and table tops….

Sleeping Pup

A rare moment of sleep…

I have been trying my darndest to provide consistent training and maintain my pack leadership using “calm, assertive energy” per Cesar Milan, but heck, it’s a constant power struggle with this oversized pup! Obedience class couldn’t come sooner – Feb. 2nd is my light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, however, I have a moment to myself – other than the dozen or so men pounding around on my roof…

Roof Replacement

Yep. Big house project happening as we speak – we are getting a new roof! And in order to keep peace in the house, Ollie-Face was sent to doggie daycare. (Insert sigh of relief HERE). And I’ll tell you what, for an entire day of puppy fun and socialization at $24, Ollie is going to become quite the regular. Thank you All Things Pawsibble! I think I may actually get to be productive today.

Now, let’s hope the roof replacement goes just as well…

ps…THANK YOU to all those that have stuck with me through my hiatus. I have a handful of projects in the works, a retail space to stock, and a studio to organize and I look forward to getting back into the blogging game and sharing it all with you! Much love.


    • Patti, you should have seen how exhausted the pup was after daycare – it was lovely. And the “me time” was much needed! He’ll actually be going to daycare again tomorrow – an exhausted puppy is a good puppy 🙂

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