I’ve been waiting with bated breath to share the happy news that yes, we’re expecting – 13w, 5d and counting!! I’ve been cautiously optimistic, but with sonogram now in hand, baby bean is definitely in there and thriving.

DSC00724 copyDSC00720 copy

Needless to say, I now have baby on the brain and am impatient to get started on the nursery! Unfortunately, what is now becoming the nursery was once my office so I am also in the process of reorganizing my desk into a corner of the guest room (a miniscule sacrifice for a lifetime of hugs and kisses!). It did give me an excuse to order a new desk though! More to come on that later…

…back to the nursery! Since we won’t know the gender of the baby bean for a couple more months now (which seems a bit like an eternity!), I hope to keep the room gender neutral with greys and, well, neutrals. Of course, Pinterest has been my go-to source and I’ve managed to zero in on a few favorites:

Love the grey striped wall and jute rug.

Love the grey striped wall!

Elegant and neutral nursery

Soft, Peaceful Nursery

Love, love, LOVE this changing station filled with vintage goodies!

Imogen's Glamping Themed Nursery

Glamping theme is genius!

Imogen's Glamping Themed Nursery

Makes my heart melt.

Oh, how my brain is buzzing with ideas…

If you have any ideas or advice of your own, please feel free to share!!

3 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL!

  1. Congratulations Kristen!! Such happy news! I adore that room with the grey stripes. Such a perfect combination of kid-friendly but still relaxing for grownups. Sending very best wishes from Brussels!

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