A few weeks ago, I purchased my very first quart of CC Caldwell’s chalk/clay paint. I’ve been anxious to try it and compare it to Annie Sloan as I heard there were a few noticeable differences. So I picked up a beautiful shade of Green (Tundra Green) and waited for the perfect project to begin my experiment.

When I stumbled upon this adorable antique dresser while browsing Craigslist, I knew it had to be mine. I loved the original castors, the lines, and the engraved detail and immediately envisioned what I was going to do with it – it would look beautiful in a tundra shade of green!

Antique Dresser copy

Of course, in my excitement, I forgot to take before pics but the gal I purchased it from was kind enough to email me one of the pictures she had posted on Craigslist.

So on the first good weather day (what is going on with all this rain ya’ll?!), I went to work. As I began applying the CC Caldwell paint, the first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t quite as chalky as the Annie Sloan paint. CC’s is also a noticeably darker shade when wet (due to the clay in it) so you can easily see how quickly it is drying. This may initially freak you out as it did me – your masterpiece will look awful and quite blotchy until the paint is fully dry!

As I continued painting multiple coats, I also happily noticed the lack of odor in the CC paint. Don’t get me wrong, Annie Sloan paints have little odor but it seems to be non-existent in the CC paints! For a pregnant woman, this was a huge plus.

Once I painted on several coats of tundra green, I realized that the dresser needed just a little more oomph. So I pulled out my measuring tape and frog tape, and taped away. For the stripes, I fell back onto my beloved Old White (Annie Sloan). And what a difference the stripes made!

Antique Dresser Unfinished copy

Not the best picture – taken with my phone….

Once the piece was fully dry, I lightly distressed with 180-grit sandpaper, and began waxing. Now, I have used multiple waxes, from Minwax to Miss Mustard Seed Beeswax, to Annie Sloan’s waxes. So I thought I’d give the CC Caldwell wax a try this time around and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed! The can could be a little wider in order to fit in a wax brush, but instead I just used a cloth and it went on nice and light – not streaky at all. And again, there was practically no odor! As you put on the wax, you’ll notice the paint become a darker shade, but again, once it is dry it will go right back to its original color so don’t freak out!

To be quite honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of the Annie Sloan wax, although I use it often. It’s a little too gloppy and…waxy for me. It seems to streak just a little more than some others. Plus, there is most definitely an odor with the Annie Sloan wax. So far, my favorites have been the MMS wax and now, CC Caldwell’s. Both go on incredibly smooth, have very little odor, and leave a nice streak free sheen. But to each there own!

And voila, after a little buffing of the wax, the dresser was complete:

Antique dresser Macro

Antique Dresser Green

Yep, it’s definitely all about that stripes. This lovely dresser is now in the shop so stop on by 7572 Greenwood Station Rd. in Greenwood, VA (540-456-4681) if interested!


    • Reeves, SO sorry for the delayed response – I’ve been a but MIA lately! Thank you for your sweet comment! Have you tried the CeCe paint yet – how did you like it? I see that you’ve tried the milk paint…I tried Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint and while I really like the effect, it can be difficult to work with for a first timer! Takes a bit of experimenting 🙂 I actually love how your sewing cabinet turned out though!

    • Nikki, thank you so much! Have you ever tried CC Caldwell or Annie Sloan paint? Refinishing furniture can be easier than you think! Love your blog by the way – such fun and quirky posts!

    • Clydia, so sorry for the delayed response – I’ve been a bit distracted lately! Thank you SO much for featuring my piece over at Three Mango Seeds – I’m flattered! You feature some really great pieces and I will be checking back often. You’ve got yourself a new follower lady! 🙂

  1. I’m visiting from Three Mango Seeds where you are featured:) I love how you painted and used the stripes….the color is fab too! Great job on it!

    • Rondell – I’ve been a little MIA lately – so sorry for the delayed response! Thank you so much for your sweet compliment! I actually like how it turned out too 🙂 I wish I had room for it in my own home! Hopefully it will find a good home soon.

  2. Hi, I found you through the link party! I Love how this turned out! Its gorgeous! I did a similar stripe on my son’s dresser!
    Therena @

  3. So CeCe wax CAN be used over ASCP? I don’t like the fumes and the toxic nature of ASsW so I’d like to use CeCe nontoxic wax over my ASCP pieces – is this possible?

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