For 22 weeks I waited with baited breathe to find out the gender of this little bean growing inside of me. I tried not to think about it. I tried not to guess. I tried to content myself with calling it “It.” But it didn’t help. I was drawn to the baby section of every store and longed to by something for…him? Her? I kept mulling over names…Ryder? Jax? Lily? I even took a few online gender predictor tests (which revealed the wrong gender, by the way!). Yes, for 22 weeks I had a whiney, pleading voice in the back of my head screaming tell me, tell me! Pleeeease!

And now, at 23 weeks 5 days, I’m happy to say (drumroll please….)

It's a Boy! (22 W 5 D)

IT’S A BOY! And I can’t wait to meet this little man of mine.

Speaking of little man, I am now in the process of picking out a baby shower theme and I think I’ve actually settled on one: mustaches! Or in better words, a summertime ‘stache bash! Because heck, everyone loves mustaches…

Mustache balloons!

Real Men Eat (fill in the blank)

Little Man First Birthday Party {Mustache Bash}

Baby Boy Shower Mustache Theme

Oh boy, it is on!

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