I recently read this post on the Elements of Style blog and I found myself agreeing enthusiastically with Erin’s love (aka obsession) for her furry children. I just happen to have 3 of my very own: Mattie, a maltese/yorkie mix (a morkie!), Ollie, a giant of a mutt (some kind of hound mix), and Simon, an adorably fat cat. While Mattie is blatantly the spoiled member of the household, I love each of them equally in their own, crazy, stupid, and oftentimes frustrating ways.

Mattie-Lu Poo 2

Ratty Mattie-Lu

And very unintentionally, this post actually has amazing timing – as of this evening, Mr. Ollie will be sent off to bootcamp for no less than two weeks in order to better learn the ways of the human world!


Yes, the amount of money and effort we spend on these creatures can become a bit absurd…between Mattie’s Vineyard Vines collars, fastidious eating habits, grooming, and in-home pet sitter; Ollie’s training classes & daycare, his amazing ability to injure himself wherever he goes, and the number of things he’s managed to destroy in our home (couch cushions, chair cushions, throw pillows, shoes, the list goes on…); Simon, well, he’s luckily a bit of an angel; and the general vet bills for all…I’m quite sure we could have purchased a second home!

Simon Face

Little Beggar

Add onto this the fact that it is next to impossible to keep the house clean….

But in the end, they are worth every penny (although I often have to remind myself of this!). They provide comfort and stability, attention, and unconditional love. They supply an endless stream of entertainment and laughter, and through the best of times and the worst of times, they are a constant, tolerant companion.

(I know my husband is snickering as he reads this….ok, ok, I’ll admit that Ollie has been a bit of a struggle – hence the ensuing bootcamp – but as much as I’m looking forward to a well-behaved dog, I will miss his neurotic antics!)

Yes, I know this is a bit outside of the design and event realm, but this is a little insight into my world, and with a non-furry child on the way I thought I’d show a little love to my furry ones in the meantime!

And for all you other animal lovers out there, here are a few more great reads:

What’s not to love about these crazy critters?!

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