Event Inspiration: The Black & White Wedding

With the dog days of summer upon us (where did the summer go?!) and Fall quickly approaching, I wanted to create a wedding that meshes these seasons together into one, perfect evening…

And an early Fall wedding can actually be a difficult one to plan. You’re still in the relaxed summer mindset but with that crispness beginning to touch the air, you just may want to insert that little bit of formal flair.

But there’s nothing a little black, white, and glitter gold can’t fix! Black and White Wedding 1

The black and white lends that touch of formality but added in polka dots and stripes, maintains that sense of summer fun. Throw in a bit of glamorous gold and a hint of Autumn rose and you’ve just found yourself true love!

Black and White Wedding 2

Speaking of glamour and true love, this venue couldn’t get any better! The Nottoway Plantation, located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, is the perfect blend of bold and rustic.

With a few elegant touches…

Black and White Wedding 3

…a mixture of rose and wildflowers…

Black and White Wedding 4

…and some fun-loving finger foods…

Black and White Wedding 5

…and, well, you have yourself an amazing and glamorously playful wedding!

The only thing that could possibly top the décor is the bride herself…

Black and White Wedding 6

Va Va Voom!

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