The Dog Days of Summer & A Few Favorite Links…

The Dog Days of Summer – there’s something so special about this time of year. It brings an out with the old, in with the new kind of feeling. Sure, it’s still hot and it’s definitely still humid, but you know that the crispness of Fall is right around the corner. And the best thing of all: you’re able to reminisce about the joys of summer while still enjoying your summer freedom!

The Dog Days also bring with it a delicious harvesting season. Now, I definitely don’t have a green thumb but even I was able to harvest a few goodies out of the garden…

Harvest 2013

Via Instagram

…but oh how I would love to have the land and the thumb to harvest so much more!IMG_8974

Like Annie over at Sun & Glory. I love reading about her foraging expertise, but most of all, the pictures of her bounties are delicious! You can find some amazing images, recipes, and tips on gardening here, here, and here. Oh yeah, and her backyard is amazing.

Speaking of delicious, I’m a bit in love with Le Zoe’s homemade sugar scrubs. While I haven’t yet tried it for myself, I have no doubt the Peony and pomegranate and acai berry tea scrub is mouth-watering. And placed in a clear jar, it would look beautiful on any bath-side table or shelving (consider making extra to give to overnight guests)!

peony and tea sugar scrub2

While we’re on a floral kick here, have any of you tried the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist? I have my qualms about it’s “miracle” properties, but it does sound pretty darn refreshing. I’m tempted to give it a try…

NEW! Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense- Deluxe Edition

And finally, who said marriage isn’t yard work?

Hope you all have a pleasant and bountiful weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer & A Few Favorite Links…

  1. I found your blog through a comment that you left on Studio Eleven’s Facebook page and am so happy to be here. I’m a Lynchburg blogger and love to find other blogs in my area. Your furniture style fits right in with Studio Eleven’s Lynchburg store and working with them in Charlottesville would be a great fit.

    I love shopping in small local shops and wondered if you know some good ones in C’ville to visit. I’d love it if you’d share some of your favorites. (I love antiques, vintage, crafts, paper, etc.)

    I blog at if you’d like to visit.

    • Paula, thank you so much for your oh-so-sweet comment! I would love to work with Studio Eleven so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something will happen 🙂 I also love shopping local and would be happy to share a few spots: Circa or the Curious Orange Shop for upcycling, Roxie Daisy for some chic french farmhouse home decor, Greenwood Antiques (just outside Cville) for some really great crafts and upcycled furniture (I used to have a space there until my pregnant belly became too large to keep up with the painting!), and if you’re a foodie, the Main Street Market building is a great place to get local deli meats, cheeses, coffee, flowers, and also a few crafts and furniture pieces, and, of course, the downtown pedestrian mall has a multitude of small antique and craft stores. Also (although it may be a bit further than you’d like to travel) if you’re ever in the Richmond area, I would highly recommend Class and Trash – that’s where I find a ton of the vintage pieces in my home and for great prices! Love your blog and so happy to find a semi-local blogger! You’ve got yourself a new follwer 🙂 Thanks again and I hope to keep in touch!

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