While I wholly admit that I avoid Black Friday with a 100’ pole, Cyber Monday is another story. There’s nothing quite like shopping sales from the comfort of my own home! Unfortunately, rather than shopping for gifts as I should be, I’m getting sucked into a little retail therapy for myself. I know I wrote a post this morning, but I couldn’t help sharing a few great deals that I’m currently looking at…

Garden Side Chair

My husband and I have been looking for a few outdoor chairs for the table we built for our pergola last summer. Not only are these guys on sale for $98 at Home Decorators, but shipping, which would otherwise be almost $50 per chair, is currently FREE!

Hanging Pendant Lamp

I love, love, LOVE the industrial look of the pendant light, and the size is perfect. Today at Wisteria, you can get 25% off site wide! This light is typically $169 but with code thx25, you can get it for $126.75. Here it is in a dining room (so you can get a good idea for size)…

Hanging Pendant Lamp

The fern wall décor is also on sale for $149 each (originally $199)!

Boxwood Trees | west elm

I love the look of boxwood trees, whether in your home or on your patio. I do not, however, love the price tag that typically comes with them. At West Elm and for today only, not only can you get a LARGE boxwood tree for $31, but shipping is free!

Stage Set Design for the Play the Magnanimous Cuckold by F. Crommelynck, Meyerhold Theatre, Moscow Stretched Canvas Print by Liubov Sergeevna Popova at Art.comPortrait of a Young Woman, 1896-97 Stretched Canvas Print by Gustav Klimt at

Unfortunately, I don’t know too terribly much about art, but I do know what I like and I know where to find an excellent deal. Today only, is offering 30% off! These oversized stretched canvas prints are typically $249 on up – with 30% off, that makes them $175. Pretty hard to resist!

Plaid Fringed Blanket & Shams | Pottery Barn

And lastly, there’s something about a plaid blanket that oozes comfort. I can imagine myself in a log cabin, fire roaring, feet curled up, hot chocolate in hand, and plaid blanket thrown over my lap. Ah, perfection! This blanket from Pottery Barn is not only on sale for $119, but shipping is free!

Happy shopping Smile


I stumbled across the work of David and Libby Nightingale a couple of years ago when searching for photographers for my own wedding and immediately fell in love. But in the midst of wedding planning, buying a home, moving to a new city, etc. these amazing artist became buried in the back of my mind and soon forgotten.

Only recently did they pop back in my head as I continue browsing for that perfect piece of art to hang in my living room, and as I arrived on their site, I remembered exactly why I fell in love with them in the first place – the only word that comes to mind is BREATHTAKING. I will leave you to make your own opinion…

David and Libby Nightingale Photography

David and Libby Nightingale4

David and Libby Nightingale3

David and Libby Nightingale2

the sweet shop / 3x2 + Blackpool Tower + HDR + piers [North pier] + fylde coast [scenic]

David and Libby Nightingale7

David and Libby Nightingale9

David and Libby Nightingale10

The final picture above is my absolute favorite. The background, the style, the expression – how can you not smile the moment you set eyes on it?! I can imagine this old man throwing quite the party for all his old buds; a few apps, some bloody Marys, and a healthy competition of Venetian solitaire…


Venetian Solitaire Soiree

You can purchase prints of David and Libby Nightingale here. Simply click on any image and you will see the “buy print” link. For me, I think my search for the perfect piece is over!

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


I don’t think I am the only one that feels completely bewildered and flabbergasted when faced with the prospect of choosing art for my home. It feels like such a momentous decision and a thousand questions pour into my mind: what kind of style, personality, and mood do I want to portray? What does this piece mean to me? Will it clash with the colors in my [insert room here]? Will it brighten or darken the room? Oh my GOD, what will people think?!


The Rorschach Test: I see a battle between Id and Ego! Image via Out and About Africa.

It’s a constant battle between aesthetic and logic, the id and the ego, that goes something like this:

my id: I love it, I love it, I love it! What pretty colors! What perfect lines! What amazing serenity! It makes me smile, it makes me happy – I want it, I want it, I WANT it!

my ego: Just you wait a minute crazy id, don’t go getting ahead of yourself. Your happiness isn’t everything. Think if the cost factor – it’s way too expensive (for an oversized canvas print). And more importantly, think of the WEIRD factor. What will people REALLY think if you have a giant photograph of a horse head in your living room – you don’t even ride horses!

Black and White Horse Photograph, HUGS, equine art, 8x10

Image via Etsy.

my id: yeah, but…

my ego: Don’t give me any buts. Haven’t you heard of that thing called patience? It’s a virtue, you know. One day you’ll find something that fits ALL of  your criteria – the PERFECT painting. Kind of like the perfect man…

my id: but, um…

my ego: I don’t want to hear it anymore!

my id: *sigh*….Okay….(as it stomps away into the recesses of my mind)

And there you have it folks.

Art is indeed a very personal and intimate thing, and the art you have in your home should somehow reflect this. But finding that art shouldn’t be paralyzing, it should be fun, it should be playful, and sometimes, it actually shouldn’t make sense. If an artwork speaks to you, if it touches your soul in a deep and unexplainable way, that’s a good thing. Buy it and hang it with pride. Kind of like these folks:

Via Design Sponge.

Via Lonny Mag.


Via Dust Jacket Attic.

Pinned Image

Via Pinterest.

I love how just a few pieces of art can create such bold and powerful focal point.

Next time I find myself gravitating towards an artwork, I’m not going to let my ego get the better of me!