A Very Modage Nursery.

With the due date looming (only 1.5 months to go!), I am happy to say that the nursery I’ve been pecking away at for the last couple of months is finally complete!

And it all started with this picture…

Geolo_JDV_129Via Project Nursery

I just loved the peaceful neutrality of it all. I particularly fell in love with the grey striped walls and as the idea quickly became stuck in my head, I went to work creating my own. Amazingly, I was thrilled with the outcome – if you’ve ever owned an old home, you’ll quickly realize how crooked the walls and ceilings are and how impossible it is to achieve a straight line!

So, armed with a neutral-based jute rug, a newly striped wall, a crib, and an upcycled turquoise dresser, a theme began taking shape…

Of course, you can’t deny a girl her pop of color so I had to take that turquoise and run with it! I wanted to resist the urge to create an entirely boyish nursery and turquoise gave me the perfect opportunity to add a bit of flair without going overboard…

Nursery Update 1w watermark

Nursery Update 4 w watermark

Nursery Update 3 w watermark

Nursery Update 5 w watermark

Don’t you just love Dr. Suess? This quote was also read at my wedding. I love how I can bring such a personal touch to Greyson’s room: not only is it a momento to my marriage, but a reminder of all the things baby Greyson will soon be capable of. Oh, the places he will go!

Nursery Update 6 w watermark

The nursery is actually quite tiny, so I had to remove the closet doors to create just enough space for the glider. But I love how it opened up the room and gave me the perfect view of all the itty bitty baby clothes! How can you not smile when faced with dozens of onesies?

With the vintage touches, the discreet boyish charm, and that pop of my favorite color…I think I might be able to find peace in this room. Now all we need to add is a peaceful baby!


Well hello my friends – I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last blogged! (Time flies when you’re having fun). Yes, I’ve been in full nesting mode and have been working on a handful of projects that I’m excited to share with you.

First, I have finally made progress on the nursery! You see, I’ve had an idea in my head from the moment I realized I was expecting, but have been dreading the process of actually bringing it to reality – specifically, the painting process. Sure, I do paint for a living, but painting multiple stripes on multiple walls does not sound the slightest bit appealing to me. Add to that a 100 year old home with crooked walls and floors and it’s a recipe for disaster!

But one rainy day I decided to go for it – if it didn’t work out I could just paint over it, right? And after much measuring, taping (a roll and a half of frog tape, to be exact!), and more than a few hissy fits, things finally began to take shape…

Nursery Progress 1 copy

(ps…I love, love, LOVE this diaper bag I got from Skip Hop!)

A day and a half later, the straight-ish lines were complete and the crib put together…

Nursery in Progress

And now comes the fun part – the details! I can’t wait to start shopping for the baby blankets, artwork, and pops of color…10 more days until I find out the gender!!


Obviously, I’ve had baby on the brain, but I have also managed to complete a few projects not at all baby related.

Like this dresser that sold in less than a day, and it’s now very lonely counterpart…

Dresser & Nightstand Set

Or this outdoor table (built by my wonderful husband) that I painted in ASCP Old White and stained using an aged vinegar and steel wool mixture…

Patio Table

Thank goodness I put on multiple layers of spar urethane before the downpour! Now to purchase new chairs….

And as usual, I have a few other projects that I’m working on simultaneously that I hope to finish after this non-stop rain!

Projects Galore

With a little help from the dogs, of course!

But back to baby….almost 21 weeks (on Wednesday)!

20 Weeks copy 1

20 Weeks copy 2

20 Weeks copy 3

Obviously this was taken on a productive painting day!