Why hello my lovelies, and TGIF! I know I say this every week, but didn’t this week seem particularly long to you? Tomorrow I will be headed to the Lake for a day full of fun and sun, so I will definitely be making the best of the weekend. I hope you plan to do the same!

In the meantime, I must make this quick as I have to head out to a dreaded doctor’s appointment shortly….

I recently stumbled across the work of Amy Merrick and immediately fell in love. Amy’s work embodies the feel of lazy summer days, and as a somewhat new transplant to the countryside – and gardener in training – I can appreciate the wild and loose floral styling all the more. In fact, it is absolutely refreshing to see such amazing, old-world romance alive and in floral abundance!

Her work speaks for itself…(all photos courtesy of amymerrick.com)

Amy’s floral arrangements are incredible, but it is her styling that utterly astounds me. The photos illustrate such a simple elegance and antiquity that instantly makes me feel at home. Her blog, An Apple a Day, only furthers this feeling, packed with pictures of her country lifestyle and cottage home. Ahhh. I can imagine myself frolicking through fields of herbs and wild flowers…


Amy creates floral arrangements for events all along the East coast using locally sourced materials as much as possible. Call or email her if interested!

Happy weekend ya’ll!