So I woke up bright and early this morning (ok, 7:30 is early for me…), plopped myself in front of my laptop with my ritual cup o’ joe, and lo and behold, there was Google morphed into a birthday cake. And then it dawned on me, today is my birthday!

After 30 years of fabulous and often and sometimes over-the-top birthday parties, I’m finally settling into my ripe old age of 31. And guess what folks? There’s no birthday party this year. There’s no it’s-all-about-me day. There’s no I-can-do-whatever-I-want day. Nope. Today is just another day, and I’m feeling good about it.

In fact, I’ll actually be headed down to Norfolk this afternoon to celebrate someone else – my cousin is getting married! So while it won’t be about me – it’ll still be a heck of a good time with friends and family. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, and I’m quite certain many margaritas will be had by all.

But while we (or at least ME) are on the subject of my birthday, let me share with you my just because Wish List…

Wish List


Have a great weekend everyone – I know I will!