Xmas Gifts

…these are a few of my favorite things!

With much travelling ahead of us, and with what will soon be a car full of presents, I decided to keep my wrapping simple this year. I’ve come across some beautiful wrapping paper that has been difficult to pass up, but frankly, brown packing paper is so much more durable! So I sucked it up and wrapped away.

Xmas Gifts 3

Of course, I couldn’t forgo the holiday spirit! So using materials I already had, I simply tied on some bows and sporadically added a few greens and dried lavender. And voila! A dozen packages done and a dozen more to go….

Speaking of presents, my lovely and thoughtful parents recently sent my husband and I our own Christmas present. It came a bit early, and since I already knew what it was, I figured there would be no harm in opening it immediately…

Mason Jar Chandelier

A mason jar chandelier from Pottery Barn!

I think it’s absolutely adorable and adds a bit of casual whimsy to the room. I also stumbled upon some cane-back dining chairs in need of a paint job and some simple reupholstering, but once finished (after the New Year…) my dining room will be so much more my style. Dining Room 2012

As a quick reminder, here is the before….I can’t wait to share with you the after!


Well, it’s that time again! Panic is settling in and I am wracking my brain on what to get everyone for Christmas. Aside from my vow not to procrastinate on the gift buying…my husband and I will be travelling to NYC a little early this year to spend Christmas with his family, so really – I don’t even have the opportunity to procrastinate much more than I already have!

I have the hardest time shopping for the boys of the family. Not children, mind you, but grown men that can have a bit of a boy mentality (don’t they all??). But somehow, I need to find gifts for 6 grown men that already have everything they could possibly want.

In my desperate search, this is what I’ve come up with:


Gift Guide For Him


Aside from shopping, I’m also working on my Christmas décor…slowly but surely! We’ll finally be getting the tree this weekend and I have every intention of making a big day of it. We’ll be chopping our own tree this year, and much celebration and eggnog will follow – I’m so looking forward too sharing pictures of the aftermath!

I also plan on creating a garland for our mantles this weekend, but I already started on the details…

Glitter Fruit

I’ll have a little sparkle woven into my garland this year! All you need is adhesive spray, glitter of your choice, a few plastic fruit pieces, and voila!

Glitter Fruit Unfinished

You’ve got yourself some bling. Just be sure to place newspaper down before the glittering begins – it can get messy!

So tell me, how is your decorating coming along? Are you ahead of the game or are you only just beginning?