I must divulge to you the cutest couple in the friggin’ world: Ryan and Emerson make up what was once known as Emersonmade, now called Emerson Fry. Splitting themselves between their beloved New Hampshire organic farm and their NYC headquarters in the garment district, Emerson and her husband/partner have managed to create the perfect attire that fits their unique and fun-loving personalities.

Emersonmade Couple

(the above photographs were archived in my own files, and were originally from, now Emerson Fry. These photos may no longer exist on the Emerson Fry website, but full credit is given to Emerson Fry.)

Ryan is responsible for operations, and Emerson does all the styling, design, content, photographs, artwork and collages for the products. And the products are just as adorable as the designer herself. Yes, I think I have just found myself with a girl crush…

I mean, come on, her idol is Clint Eastwood and she rides a vintage Harley…how can you not fall in love just a little bit??? Not to mention, her Spring 2012 line is fabulous:

And the Fall line should be coming soon! A quick glance at the Emerson line hard at work on slouchy hats and over-sized glasses:

If all of this doesn’t make you envious enough, one glance at the Emerson Farm should do the trick…

I am head over heels for the butcher block island in the kitchen. And this pantry…oh my! Per Emerson (via Design Sponge), “We designed our pantry so that everything would be visible. We have mostly unrefined ingredients because we don’t eat sugar, flour and processed ingredients so we just line it all up in here and grab what we need.”

Of course, the home wouldn’t be complete without a dash of leopard print!

(featured in Boston Magazine Home: March 2011)

*SIGH* Yep, envy is definitely rearing it’s ugly green head…

The quirkiness that is EmersonMade may not be new to the fashion and design world – you may have already seen her in numerous blogs over the years – but she is anything but obsolete. Keep an eye out for more amazing-ness from Mrs. Fry in the near future!