Hello October.

Hello October

I can’t believe it is October already. With the cooler weather and the turning leaves, it already happened to be my favorite month, but now – now it becomes that much more special because it is the month my son will be born. My little Greyson. My mini man, my heart, my soul.

It seems like yesterday that he was just a part of my imagination. Then, one day, he suddenly became a reality. I didn’t know he was a HE at the time, just a tiny bean growing in my belly. But eventually, that little bean did become a boy, and he just kept on growing. And now, with only ONE week to go (hopefully…), it’s amazing to think that this reality will become even more real. And tangible. And squishy! I will finally have this wonderful baby boy in my arms. It’s mind-blowing, actually.

I can’t wait to revel in the joys of motherhood. And I know that it’s not all joyful – there will be some hard, hard days. And even harder nights. But they will all be meaningful and full of purpose, and to me, that will make them joyful (please remind me of this after a few weeks of no sleep…!).

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With this small shift in perspective (motherhood, that is), I now find myself drawn to an even wider variety of blogs. Blogs that are not only about home décor, DIY, and fashion, but Life in general, and Love, and Family. It’s so exhilarating to peek into the daily existence (and struggles) of a mother…

via Fairytales Are True

IHOD-Happy Baby Wrap

via In Honor of Design

 photo _MG_2612edit.jpg

via The Weigands

via Steve and Jess Marcum


via Day Dreaming Mama

…and it’s encouraging to read that despite these picture perfect images, every single one of these mothers had – and continues to have – her share of doubts, insecurities, and imperfections. Despite those bad days, weeks, and even months, they survived, and they remain fabulous mothers.

Almost There

Hello October. I look forward to the many challenges and unconditional love you will bring!

The Dog Days of Summer & A Few Favorite Links…

The Dog Days of Summer – there’s something so special about this time of year. It brings an out with the old, in with the new kind of feeling. Sure, it’s still hot and it’s definitely still humid, but you know that the crispness of Fall is right around the corner. And the best thing of all: you’re able to reminisce about the joys of summer while still enjoying your summer freedom!

The Dog Days also bring with it a delicious harvesting season. Now, I definitely don’t have a green thumb but even I was able to harvest a few goodies out of the garden…

Harvest 2013

Via Instagram

…but oh how I would love to have the land and the thumb to harvest so much more!IMG_8974

Like Annie over at Sun & Glory. I love reading about her foraging expertise, but most of all, the pictures of her bounties are delicious! You can find some amazing images, recipes, and tips on gardening here, here, and here. Oh yeah, and her backyard is amazing.

Speaking of delicious, I’m a bit in love with Le Zoe’s homemade sugar scrubs. While I haven’t yet tried it for myself, I have no doubt the Peony and pomegranate and acai berry tea scrub is mouth-watering. And placed in a clear jar, it would look beautiful on any bath-side table or shelving (consider making extra to give to overnight guests)!

peony and tea sugar scrub2

While we’re on a floral kick here, have any of you tried the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist? I have my qualms about it’s “miracle” properties, but it does sound pretty darn refreshing. I’m tempted to give it a try…

NEW! Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense- Deluxe Edition

And finally, who said marriage isn’t yard work?

Hope you all have a pleasant and bountiful weekend!


The colors of Autumn are now fully in effect, and there’s no escaping it. Not that I would want to – I love Autumn and all the colors it offers! Carrot orange, mustard yellow, ruby red, and everything in between….and it takes your breath away when profiled against the pale blue of the sky.

I fully believe this color combination is comfort at its best….


Photos via here and here.

….so deliciously enticing and heartbreakingly beautiful; a bit like the Phoenix taking its last breathe before bursting into flames and fading away into ashes.

There also seems to be a weight that comes with Fall; a peacefully reflective weight that forms around the shoulders and tumbles across the body. A weight that you can nestle into, snuggle against, and then sit back and ponder life, family, and the upcoming holidays.

Yes, that’s comfort at its best indeed. And how I would love to live in that comfort all year!

Oh, but I can, you say? Simply by bringing the colors of the outside in…

Orange and Yellow Living room

Country French Color Scheme: Persimmon + Yellow

Analogous Color Scheme: Goldenrod + Kumquat

Orange and yellow living room. So cheerful!

…dressing the part….

Orange, yellow, blue and stripes. Love it!

…and eating foods that are Fall ripened and delicious?

Saffron, a delicate yellow-orange spice, comes from the dried, cured stigmas of the purple saffron flower. You'll find it at most grocery stores and specialty food markets.  Get more   healthy holiday recipes

Recipe here.

Normally I don't like green peppers but they are delicious in this recipe--red, yellow and orange are fabulous too, and who can say no to Italian sausage?

Recipe here.

Yes please. Challenge accepted!


Fall is officially here, and I feel happy, comfortable and cozy. Need proof?


Yeah, that comfortable.

I don’t usually do seasonal themes with my decor, but to instill just a little bit of that Fall coziness into my home, I felt obligated to create a few vignettes…

Fall Wreath

An adorable wreath made for me by my friend, Sara (thanks Sara!).


A vintage window, a faux branch and leaves from Michael’s, and mini gourds from the grocery store.

Fall Mantle

More faux flowers.

Living Room Fall ShelfA few more faux branches and a framed vintage music sheet.

Living Room Fall Bench

A few Fall leaves and a pumpkin!

Dining Centerpiece

Moss (purchased from Michael’s), more mini gourds, and a basket-full of corn.


And lastly, my new Wellies courtesy of my hubby (thanks honey!)….

Rainy Fall Day 2

…perfect for this dreary, rainy day.

Oh Fall, how I love Thee.


I  must say, yesterday was nothing short of divine. The sun was bright and shining, minute puffs of clouds were rolling lazily across the sky, and the breeze carried with it the crisp, clean scent of the coming Fall. Divine, I say. And life felt good – good in the kind of way that makes you want to do nothing but bask in the glory of it, roll in it, and stretch out on it like a good, comfy bed with a plush, down comforter. Yeah, that good.

So I decided to go on a walk, or rather, a long and deliberate stroll, to enjoy this perfect day…

Rivanna Bridge

Mattie-Lu Poo 2

That is a face of happiness!

It’s actually quite amazing how something as simple as a walk can change your whole perspective of the world; anger subsides, stresses melt away, and sadness somehow becomes less prevalent. It’s calming, meditative, and it fortifies the body and soul – like yoga without the awkward angles.

As I was strolling alongside the river, I was contemplating everything and nothing at once, as though my mind encompassed the whole of my thoughts and rather than thinking or feeling each one, it all simply was. I felt at peace and happy for no reason at all – I think that’s the best kind of happiness.

Rivanna River

At this point, I was feeling pretty darn exceptional and was certain that life couldn’t possibly get any better, but as luck would have it, it did…with the quack of a duck.

As my eyes sought out the noise maker, they instead fell upon these little creatures basking in their own happiness:

Turtles 2

Truly, how can that not make you smile from ear to ear? I was now floating on cloud nine.

With the help of a few blissful turtles and a final, brisk walk, I came to realize that it really is the simple things in life that make it all so worthwhile. As Donald Miller said,

It is always the simple things that change our lives. And these things never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. You feel like running, but life is on a stroll…

Indeed. I feel refreshed, invigorated, and while there have been no immaculate answers, there has been an epiphany – to not take life so seriously, to take notice of what is right in front of me, and to appreciate the simple things.

Like walks. And turtles. Smile


Somehow, right before the changing of the leaves, everything seems to look exceptionally green. Perhaps it’s the daunting amount of rain we received over the last week, or perhaps the crisper, cleaner, cooler air is infusing new life into the world – or perhaps it’s just me?

Backyard 8.27

Backyard Macro 8.27Mattie-Poo

(Nope. Pup – aka Ms. Mattie-Lu Poo – seems to be enjoying the oncoming Fall weather as much as I am!)

For me, the coming of Fall definitely pulls at the soul. I love summer, but so often it can feel stifling, sticky, hot. But Autumn, oh sweet Autumn! It brings with it a sense of freedom, a cleansing of the air that feels fresh and carefree. As William Cullen Bryant stated so well, Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile…

…and I couldn’t agree more.

The impending Autumn has not only infused life into the world around me, it also seems to have infused this life into me – a spark that I so desperately needed. Yeah, let’s just say that it’s been a rough month. I’m looking forward to smiling again!

Tell me, what is your favorite season and why?


Speaking of smiling, I must share with you my favorite room from last Monday’s question: What is your go-to design style and why?

Jessica, over at Jess in Belgium, sent me a link of this Stockholm apartment and I simply can’t get enough of it! This is what Jess said…

I grow equally enamored and frustrated by what I would call a eclectic design style. I never seem to be able to make up my mind. At least a few things are constant: I am not afraid of color, I love comfort and seem to fall back on the fact that a little bit of simplicity goes a long way.  I saw this photo on Dustjacket Attic some time ago and keep coming back to it as a favorite. I love the few touches of both fancy (the chandelier, the chair, the green curtains in the second room) and character (the personal decorations in the bookshelves, the well-placed plants, the simple wood floors). I love the scattered touches of green and blue. But most of all, I love the windows. Once I eventually get the courage together to buy a house, windows will be a must.

Here’s more of the eye candy:

(Love the little fireplace!)

If I could create an apartment that exemplifies the current season; the end of summer brashness combined with the fresh, natural quality of fall – this would be it. It’s simple, crisp, yet eclectic and bold in all the right places. I love the natural light, the large windows, the vintage touches…

But there are two things that really get me:

1. The touches of green throughout – it brings the outdoors in and immediately puts a smile on my face.

2. The bay window area in the living room. It creates a clean, light, and airy feel to the space and then….

BAM! A dark, bold, in your face pattern. The juxtaposition is incredible.

Jess, thanks so much for sharing! The rest of you should head on over to her blog – she’s got such a fun and quirky perspective and I just love reading about her European adventures!


As mentioned in my 30 Things to do Before I Turn 31 list, within the next month, I plan on hosting an End of Summer Soiree for my fellow neighbors. I’m actually terribly excited to do this, as it’s been a while since I’ve hosted anything beyond a few family gatherings, and since I have yet to meet a few of my neighbors, I want to make sure I get everything down to a tee!

I’ve decided to go for a simple summer garden theme with a rustic pop of color to bring in the last rays of summer while still celebrating the coming of my absolute favorite season! Yep, that would be fall. The crisp, fresh air, the cool breeze, the turning leaves, and the sweater styles….ah, be still my heart! It is comfort at it’s best.

And it is right around the corner. Where did the time go? Now, with only a couple of weeks to prepare, invitations are first priority!

I’m a huge fan of the printed invitation (which I feel is a bit of a lost art in this day and age), so with just a little time, recycled card stock, twine, and fresh herbs, I hope to throw together a very simplified (and non-wedding) version of this:

(sweet and simple!)

Now on to the menu! I must admit, I am not the best cook in the world, by a very, very long shot. But I do love putting together finger foods, which is exactly why I love hosting a good cocktail party over the (dreaded) dinner party. Not to mention, foods in miniature are simply adorable! And cheese…who doesn’t love cheese?!

Here’s what I’m thinking:

wine and cheese layoutRepurposed Wire Caddy with Compartments

Round Tray with Serving CupsSavannah wedding inspiration

Fig and Goat Cheese Pitas RecipeSparkling Pear & Thyme Cocktail | Camille Stylesblueberry_cocktailGovernor's Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch Recipe

Delicious, yes?!

And finally – my favorite part – the décor! I definitely want to maintain a soft, summer glow while bringing in the earthy and rustic palette of fall. However, I also want to add a nice pop of color that truly infuses a happy, celebratory mood. Since tones of fuchsia and burgundy are the new “in” colors for the fall season, I think this would be the perfect fit…

<p>| ♕ |  spring table  | post by laboomeria | via gypsypurplehome | wishflowers<br />

An Alfresco Dining Evening

This is great for any style of buffet eating or casual dining situation. Any container would work to contain the utensil set.summer party ideas



(Napkin from here, image via here)

So what do you think – is this a party you would want to attend?