If you’ve seen the cover of May’s Elle Décor, then you’ve seen a little slice of heaven. And if you turn to page 166, you’ll be transported into a rustic haven surrounded by the natural beauty of the Santa Monica mountains:

What was once the estate of actor William Powell in the 1920’s, then a monastery, later a rehab center, and then finally a professional horse facility before being purchased by the current homeowners, has now become the personal stomping grounds and decorating project of Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi.

And decorate they did!

After much renovation to the multiple structures on the 26-acre property, Ellen and Portia created a sophisticated country lifestyle amongst the property’s 8 cabins and large barns…

I’ve daydreamed of a farmhouse fixer upper so with a little inspiration from the above, I’ve created my own little rustic retreat…


Well hello – I hope everyone survived the Thanksgiving festivities! Despite the very full house and the overabundance of cooking, I actually survived and had a fun time doing it. Amazingly, I only managed to stress out once by attempting to kick my husband’s very helpful hands out of the kitchen. And like the wonderful husband that he is, he completely ignored my ravings and went about helping with the cooking (I’m thankful for a husband that knows his way around the kitchen!).

But while I had a GREAT time with the family, I can now let out a little sigh of relief. Thanksgiving is over. I have the house back and time to myself. This is me doing a happy dance….


Ok, now on to bigger and better things – Christmas! (I did warn you that as soon as Thanksgiving was over, I’d fall right into Christmas, didn’t I?).

I must admit, while I do love a good bargain, I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. The early morning, the crowds, the ensuing chaos of a sleep deprived crowd….nope, I choose to sleep in and have a long, leisurely brunch with family and friends.

But every year, despite my intentions to start shopping the week following Black Friday, I find myself procrastinating and pulling my hair out in a desperate attempt to find that perfect and very last minute gift. Anyone else feel this way?!

This year, I vow to break the cycle.

To help me – and all those that find themselves in the same boat, year after year – I’ve decided to create a gift guide to get my shopping juices flowing!

So let us begin!

Gift Guide: Stylish Farmhouse Living

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