The Dog Days of Summer & A Few Favorite Links…

The Dog Days of Summer – there’s something so special about this time of year. It brings an out with the old, in with the new kind of feeling. Sure, it’s still hot and it’s definitely still humid, but you know that the crispness of Fall is right around the corner. And the best thing of all: you’re able to reminisce about the joys of summer while still enjoying your summer freedom!

The Dog Days also bring with it a delicious harvesting season. Now, I definitely don’t have a green thumb but even I was able to harvest a few goodies out of the garden…

Harvest 2013

Via Instagram

…but oh how I would love to have the land and the thumb to harvest so much more!IMG_8974

Like Annie over at Sun & Glory. I love reading about her foraging expertise, but most of all, the pictures of her bounties are delicious! You can find some amazing images, recipes, and tips on gardening here, here, and here. Oh yeah, and her backyard is amazing.

Speaking of delicious, I’m a bit in love with Le Zoe’s homemade sugar scrubs. While I haven’t yet tried it for myself, I have no doubt the Peony and pomegranate and acai berry tea scrub is mouth-watering. And placed in a clear jar, it would look beautiful on any bath-side table or shelving (consider making extra to give to overnight guests)!

peony and tea sugar scrub2

While we’re on a floral kick here, have any of you tried the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist? I have my qualms about it’s “miracle” properties, but it does sound pretty darn refreshing. I’m tempted to give it a try…

NEW! Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense- Deluxe Edition

And finally, who said marriage isn’t yard work?

Hope you all have a pleasant and bountiful weekend!


I love planning and styling events and one day hope to incorporate this into my business plan. For the time being, however, I love playing “party” and am constantly browsing for event ideas and inspiration. And with Winter in full effect (it is currently 13 degrees here in Charlottesville!), I felt particularly inspired to create a winter wedding board – because a little cold weather doesn’t stop love from happening!

For me, winter is a beautiful blend of muted tones; a canvas of whites, browns, and grays that merge together to create an undefined world. But in this monotony, life is emerging, love is unfolding, and I wanted to capture this emotion with a pop color.


Don’t you just love mauve? It’s not quite purple, it’s not quite pink; it’s not too bright and it’s not too dull. It’s the perfect porridge and just right for a little winter oomph!

To maintain the hardness of winter, however, I wanted to keep the venues naturally muted – an an old, weathered chapel for the ceremony and an industrial hall (with a vintage chandelier in lieu of the greenery and rustic farm tables in lieu of a clothed one.) for the reception – and add soft, romantic touches from there.


And now comes the pop of mauve with a vintage flair!



And what is a wedding without a beautiful bride? I wanted to give the lady of the hour the same soft, vintage detail – and a little bit of fur for some added warmth!image

And let’s not forget the dessert (and a little liquid courage…):


There’s nothing like love to warm the heart and soul!

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Why hello my lovelies, and TGIF! I know I say this every week, but didn’t this week seem particularly long to you? Tomorrow I will be headed to the Lake for a day full of fun and sun, so I will definitely be making the best of the weekend. I hope you plan to do the same!

In the meantime, I must make this quick as I have to head out to a dreaded doctor’s appointment shortly….

I recently stumbled across the work of Amy Merrick and immediately fell in love. Amy’s work embodies the feel of lazy summer days, and as a somewhat new transplant to the countryside – and gardener in training – I can appreciate the wild and loose floral styling all the more. In fact, it is absolutely refreshing to see such amazing, old-world romance alive and in floral abundance!

Her work speaks for itself…(all photos courtesy of

Amy’s floral arrangements are incredible, but it is her styling that utterly astounds me. The photos illustrate such a simple elegance and antiquity that instantly makes me feel at home. Her blog, An Apple a Day, only furthers this feeling, packed with pictures of her country lifestyle and cottage home. Ahhh. I can imagine myself frolicking through fields of herbs and wild flowers…


Amy creates floral arrangements for events all along the East coast using locally sourced materials as much as possible. Call or email her if interested!

Happy weekend ya’ll!