Get 'Er Done TO-DO copy

15 months into motherhood, I still find myself a bit scatterbrained  more often than I care to admit. Unfortunately, I can no longer blame hormones or lack of sleep so I’m simply going to blame motherhood and assume that it will be a long term affliction.

To whip myself into some kind of working order, I created what I like to call the Get ‘Er Done! Series (I live in the Shenandoah, surrounded by country, so I guess a little redneck has rubbed off on me…).  This series includes everything I need to keep my personal and business to-do’s within reach and in one place – for me, this is a huge improvement from the handful of moleskins I had scattered about!

I’m going to assume (or maybe hope?) that I’m not the only one out there with my head in the clouds, so to keep us all a little more grounded, I thought I’d share with you what has worked well for me so far…head on over to the new site for the downloads!


My father is an exceptional man. I didn’t always appreciate or even comprehend this in my over-dramatic teenage years when the world was my plaything and parents were a bit of a ball-in-chain. But as I slowly matured, I came to understand and greatly respect this man I call Dad. And now, at my ripe old age of 31, I can say whole-heartedly that this man is more than just a father-figure to me, he is my foundation.

No, he isn’t the most emotional man, but he is steadfast, sturdy, and has always been there for me – whether I knew it or not. His logic has kept me grounded, his patient generosity has helped me over those many, many bumps in the road, his quiet concessions have kept me confident, and his clever ability to stay out of mother-daughter fights has kept me sane!

Yes, my father is an exceptional man indeed and this is something that I not only acknowledge once a year, but something I appreciate every. single. day. Pops, you are my hero and my rock; I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

Ceremony 070

Ceremony 076BW

Reception 084

Mom & Dad Copy

(Mom, you should always smile in your pictures because you never know where they are going to end up!!)



This year, Father’s Day also brings with it a new meaning for me. For 31 years I have been a daughter, for two years I have been a wife, but this year I have become a mama-in-the-making, and in 4 months my husband will become the father-figure, the hero, the rock. And I know he will be amazing.

I may be jumping the gun a little since my hubby reads this blog, but happy Father’s Day honey! I couldn’t imagine a better role-model for our little sweetpea and I can’t wait to see you in action. I love you.

Tom & Griffin

Fist bump with the nephew!

T, G & K

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to call your dad, give him a hug, a handshake – whatever you can to let him know that he is appreciated! And awesome.

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:


I’ve always had a love for wall galleries but have never had the patience to create my own. It takes time to curate the frames, choose the perfect pictures, Photoshop and enlarge any photos, and then actually hang these pieces in some kind of logical and well designed manner…I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

BUT, after years of coveting galleries such as this:

Pinned Image

Or this:

Pinned Image

And even this:

I finally decided to create my own…

Wall Gallery Begins 2

(I hung whatever string – or ribbon in this case – I had available and attached my keys at the bottom to create the straight line needed to hang the pictures)

Wall Gallery Continued

(I then measured the space on the wall and did a quick draft arrangement on the floor before hanging each piece)

Wall Gallery Finished 2

Obviously, I’m not quite finished – I still need to fill the majority of the frames, paint the bottom right frame in chalkboard, straighten everything out a bit, and perhaps add another picture or three, but it’s a good start! And what a difference it makes!

The oval bird pictures are from Décor Steals (previously WUSLU), the bottom right frame is a $1 flea market find (which I plan on painting over), and the remaining small frames are from Michael’s. The two large white frames are also from Michael’s, which I simply painted over in Annie Sloan’s Old White chalk paint. I also plan on painting the top, right frame in a color TBD – perhaps in something bold and bright?

*On a side note: if you come across a cheap frame in a style, but perhaps not the right color or wood tone, that you like – don’t hesitate to buy it! You can easily find frames for $1 or less at flea markets and garage sales, and with 5 minutes of your time and a tab of paint, you’ve got yourself a chic and charming transformation.

Now, finding the pictures to fill the frames is the hard part! If you have children, I highly recommend framing of few of their masterpieces. It’s a great way to makes them feel good and grow their confidence while adding a fun pop of color to your wall – all without spending a dime!

Bar 2

(This is another gallery I’m working above my bar in the dining room. Yep, I still have a bit of work to do on this one too, but the first thing I added was an original piece of art my little nephew painted just for me!)

Otherwise, take a gander around the web, and you’ll find dozens of free printables. The “Carpe Diem” piece I have hanging in my living room, for example, can be found here.

Carpe Diem

Or, if you’d like something a little more vintage-y, take a look at the printables over at the well-loved Graphics Fairy or Vintage Printable. Or, for a few other fun options, try here, here, or here. (Just make sure you give credit where credit is due, and never claim these pieces as your own creation!)

A wall gallery is an excellent way to showcase your personality; it’s not suppose to be perfect, but it’s a perfect statement piece – so have fun with it! Carpe Diem, right?!