I luuuve me some blogs, but in my humble opinion, there are a few in particular that have stood out over the test of time. Elements of Style (EOS) is one of the first lifestyle and design blogs that I stumbled upon in my quest for a good read, and even years later, it never fails to inspire and encourage. Erin Gates, the creator and author of the blog, has such an honest, open, and witty voice that upon reading it, you immediately feel as though she’s your new BFF. Seriously, I bet I could share a few cocktails and laughs with that chic and learn a thing or five about the design and art world in the process.

LOVE her office, her chic style, and amazing interiors…



This is another amazing blog that I’m quite sure I could not live without. Marion, the voice behind Miss Mustard Seed (MMS), has such a strong and inspiring personality that it’s hard not to think of her as Superwoman. Seriously, how does she do it all? Read a couple of her posts and you’ll be inspired to clean your house, paint your living room, organize your closets, refinish a few furniture pieces, and restyle your guest room – all in one day.

Her furniture and interiors are simple, farmhouse elegance…

Finally, a little outside of the design and decorating realm, but nevertheless a must read, is The Happiness Project. If you’re anything like me, you may be a “glass half empty” kind of gal (or guy!). I tend to dwell on the negative rather than the positive, and this really takes me on a downward spiral that is often hard to escape. The Happiness Project (also now a book!) is the author Gretchen Rubin’s account of her dedicated year of happy living – focusing on the things that really matter (love, family, healthy living, etc.) by setting monthly resolutions for herself. It’s fun, funny, and incredibly motivating to live life to the fullest, dammit!

Now, I have started my own blog or two in the past with the vein attempt to emulate these other amazing blogs. The first was a lifestyle and design blog, and the other was a blog about my own pursuit of happiness. But after a month or two, I always felt myself lacking the motivation to continue. Why, you may ask? Because I was trying to create something that already existed in the world! It was like trying to remake Gone with the Wind – why would anyone ever do this when the original was, and still is, so damn good?!

So I have decided to create a blog that is wholly my own, in voice and personality. It’s a little lifestyle with a pinch of business, a lot of design and DIY projects, hopefully a heck of a lot of happiness, and sometimes, my struggles to find happiness. Welcome to The Modage Cottage! Why don’t you come in and stay a while?

(Ps….did that last line sound a little Mr. Rogers to you?)