Similar to photography, fashion, or interior design, planning an event is a form of art. It takes a lot of organization, communication, and patience, absolutely, but it also takes a huge amount of creativity, passion, and a good sense for style and structure. (I, myself, have a passion for events planning on par with interior design, which you will see displayed throughout my blog.)

LA-based interior designer and party planner Joe Nye is an excellent example of a style extraordinaire:

I cannot even begin to describe the awesomeness of this man. His table settings are out of this world, his flower arrangements and presentation are simple yet spectacular, and his (April, 2010) book Flair is a must read. His interior design is much like his tablescapes; chock full of pattern and color and a heck of a lot of fun! As Joe Nye Inc. states, “Nye creates livable and well-porportioned rooms oozing with comfort and innovation.” I place key emphasis on oozing…

living room with large bookcase

dining table with two chairs and large floral arrangement

As you can see, in both his tablescapes and interiors, Nye merges very eclectic patterns (particularly floral!) and vivid colors to create layered focal points throughout the setting. Yet somehow, in this confused conglomeration of pattern and color, he creates something peaceful and elegant. It’s organized chaos at its best!