You may notice a slightly different look on my blog this morning, and for this I have Ms. Natasha from My Cute Lobster Designs to thank! (Thanks Tasha!)

I readily admit, when it comes to the blogging world, I am not the most tech savvy gal by any means (as mentioned here). Needless to say, I knew I had to hire a bit of help. But who? How in the world (wide web) was I possibly going to narrow down the thousands of tech savvy entrepreneurs out there to one, single person?! It seemed like a daunting task.

In my quest for The One, I came across a few viable options, but the cost for these was no less than an arm and a leg…and considering that I only wanted a few tweaks made to my blog, rather than a complete overhaul, I was really only willing to give up a leg.

In comes My Cute Lobster Designs. I stumbled upon this little shop via Etsy and immediately thought this could be it! The blog page examples seemed simple and sassy, classic with a punch, and easy to navigate – just what I needed.

Custom Blog Design - WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot - original, one-of-a-kindCustom Blog Design - WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot - original, one-of-a-kind

Custom Blog Design - WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot - original, one-of-a-kindBlogger Template Premade - Pink Champagne - 2 Column Layout for Blogger, Blogspot

And better yet, it didn’t even cost the leg I was willing to sacrifice! A quick note to Natasha sealed the deal. Since then, she has been such a joy to work with, and for a bargain of a price. She works incredibly diligently, responds quickly, is more than friendly and patient with those non-savvy techies out there (ahem…), and still manages to put out a good product in the end.

I’m sure I’ll have many more tweaks to make as my blog evolves, but it’s comforting to know that I’ve got a go to gal. So if you’re looking to start, tweak, or overhaul your blog (or Etsy shop, or Facebook page…), My Cute Lobster Designs should be your one stop shop!

I must also give thanks to Amber Mabe of A. Mabe Design for creating my logo:

What do you think? I’m getting my act together, slowly but surely (I’ll look professional one of these days!) And coming soon…my Etsy shop!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!