Since my internet is back up and running, I thought I’d leave you with a little eye-candy to begin your hot summer weekend….


…yep, a little something to cool you down!

Considered one of the foremost shorebreak art photographers of the world (how many can there be??), Clark Little seems to have it down pat. Putting himself directly in harms way, along with his camera equipment, he has just moments, milliseconds, to take that perfect shot, most often of the “wave’s innards” as Dark Roast Blendso eloquently described.

The colors are nothing short of spectacular!

I’m particularly drawn to the blues of the daytime images, but the sunset and evening images are just as spectacular…

I can imagine having a large canvas print of any of the these, but particularly this one or this one, hanging in my bedroom. What a sight to wake up to! Or as part of an inspirational wall gallery in my office. What would you do with your shorebreak art?

Enjoy and have a great weekend!