Did everyone have a wonderful Easter weekend? For me, I’m pretty sure this past weekend will go into my top 5 all-time favorite weekends. Everything about it was glorious. My parents were in town, the kid was in a great mood, the weather was spectacular, and we basically spent all weekend outdoors, dying eggs, going for walks, drinking beer. And Greyson’s reaction to the Sunday morning festivities was priceless. God do I love that kid.

Anyhow, Spring is officially here! And with it comes a lighter, more natural makeup routine. I thought I’d share with you some  of my favorite, go-to products for a simple, fresh face. But first, I’ve got to put it out there: I am NOT a makeup pro. In fact, I’m pretty much a minimalist when it comes to any form of a makeup routine. But I have gained an interest over the last year, mostly because I was horrified at the thought of becoming frumpy once motherhood took its toll. Eeek.

Well, motherhood HAS taken its toll, but frankly, I’m kind of loving it. I don’t know – I think I look a little softer around the edges, wiser, and more patient. I don’t (yet) feel the need to slather on the foundations and cover ups and highlighters to morph my face into a younger, thinner version of myself. I guess I kind of like this current version.

So with that in mind, here are my favorite and very inexpensive items I use for my daily Spring routine:

No Brainer Makeup

1. My skin is fairly normal, perhaps with a slight tendency toward the dry side, but when I was pregnant I pretty much morphed into a lizard. My face seriously shed on a daily basis. I tried every lotion under the sun to achieve some semblance of normalcy but everything seemed either far too watery or far too oily. Enter St. Ives. I’ve used their scrub, of course, but had never actually tried their lotion until I read a glowing review on Maskcara. It was my savior and I still use it to this day with absolutely no complaints! It goes on light and isn’t oily at all, which makes it perfect for Springtime use.

2. There are so many BB creams (and CC and DD…) out there, but this one is cheap, available in pretty much any drug/grocery store, and gets the job done. I use the light sheer tint for an all-over cover and even tone. For an even smoother, less cakey finish, I mix it in with my St. Ives moisturizer.

3. I have to admit, this bronzer initially looked a little  intimidating and far too dark for my complexion, but I read so many amazing reviews on it that I figured, what the heck?! And I’m so happy I did! It gives that nice, beach-y glow before your feet ever touch the sand. A quick swipe of the makeup brush is all you need so this bronzer also lasts FOREVER.

4. I’m a sucker for cream blushes. For me, they just seem to look more natural. This blush is a great daily blush because again, it is super cheap, readily available, and creates a soft, natural glow. I have it in both fresh pink and peach satin.

5. After I apply my blush and bronzer, I simply rub my fingers across this E.L.F. highlighter and  dab it on my cheek bones, brow bones, and  ridge of nose to give my skin that dewy effect (I use moonlight pearls).

6. For me, eyelid primer is a must. Otherwise, that eye shadow I spent the extra minute applying ends up all over my face.This mineral primer, again by E.L.F. keeps the shadow nicely in place.

7. I think we’re all pretty familiar with this Maybelline mascara. It’s an old faithful, eh?

8. This is the kind of perfume that will become a classic. It is a scent that I have worn for years and will wear for years to come. It is not overpowering in the least – incredibly light, in fact, with just a hint of floral – and simply delicious!

And there you have it! What are some of your favorite makeup items for Spring?


Hello all and happy Spring! Although, I hate to say that it still feels like the dead of winter here in good ole Charlottesville (seriously, 35 degrees here people!). Oh, how I dream of warmth!

To give myself a bit of a Spring tease, however, I recently toted home a handful of succulents to strategically place around the house. But let me give you a little backstory first…

A few weeks ago my parents decided to pass off a vintage tea set to me. Despite the fact that I really don’t drink tea and have very little storage left in a home lacking closet and cabinet space…it’s impossible for me to turn down anything free and vintage! So I happily lugged it home and plopped the box in a corner of the dining room to sit for the next week.

Now, I’m quite the pro at letting things sit in corners for months at a time, but I’m really making the effort to actually use everything in my home – sort of a “use or lose” philosophy. So with that said, I unpacked the tea set and went about finding it a home, but with a vagrant tea set and a handful of succulents also without an abode, my aha! moment quickly struck….


Succulents 2

A few more succulents here and there and voila! A little bit of indoor Spring whimsy. If only the outdoors would acquiesce…

Succulents 3

Oh Spring, where art thou?


I mentioned in this post the dozen or more unfinished projects I have sitting around my house, and I have every intention of finishing each one over the month! As a matter of fact, I just finished this guy:

Piano Bench Unfinshed

Please ignore the mess surrounding the bench, my office was in flux at the time!

I had already sanded down the top by the time I remembered to take a photo, but the entire piece was a distressed (and not in a good way) mahogany. So I lightly sanded down the base and began painting it in my favorite go-to color: Annie Sloan Old White.

Piano Bench Unfinished

With a couple layers of Old White, I then distressed the base and left it as is….for months. It didn’t look terrible, it was usable, and I became distracted with other, more challenging, projects. And so it sat. Until this morning.

To add that pop of color that I oh-do love, I painted the interior (yes, the top opens!) in Valspar’s Brushed Orange. I then stained the top in Walco’s Danish Oil in medium walnut, waxed the entire piece in Miss Mustard Seed’s wax, and viola! Finally, a finished product:

Piano Bench Complete

Piano Bench Opened 2

Simple and sweet. Or better yet, business on the outside, and a party on the inside!

And yes, those are real tulips you see in the picture – I needed to give myself a little spring hope in this frigid weather…


Oh Spring, where art thou?