Do you ever have those projects that just seem to take forever? Or rather, those projects that you seem to take forever to get to? I have a handful of projects that I have been working on bit by little bit, sometimes over a period of months. And these projects are not huge, overwhelming, or time-consuming by any means. Quite the contrary, in fact! They are the so-simple-I’ll-get-to-them-later kind of projects.

Let me give you a few examples:

Piano Bench Unfinished

I sanded down this piano bench and painted the base in ASCP Old White almost a year ago. The top opens, which I have painted in a lovely pop of orange. I simply need to paint a final layer of orange, lightly sand it, wax the base, stain the top, and viola! Done in 30 minutes. Yet there it remains – still unfinished.

Large Window Mirror unfinished

Or how about this large weathered window? I have every intention of transforming this sucker into a mirror, which simply requires cut mirror panes, glazier points, a little bit of caulk, and an hour of my time. Yet there it still hangs – as a window frame.

Chalkboard Unfinished

And this soon-to-be chalkboard was cut and fashioned into a frame a few weeks ago. It simply needs a few layers of chalkboard paint on the board and a weathered stain on the frame. What am I waiting for?!

And finally….

Curtains Unfinished

The dreaded curtains! I plan to transform this adorable material into stagecoach curtains, which required very little sewing, a little stapling (to a board that will attach the curtains to the top of the window), and the drilling of two little holes to hang the whole piece. This project has been a over year in the making. Oh my.

Needless to say, I can be a bit of a procrastinator! But I have challenged myself to complete these projects (and a handful of others that I didn’t share) over the next month. You can expect to see them pop up in future DIY posts!

How about you – are you a procrastinator like me? What projects do you have in the works?

7 thoughts on “DIY IN THE WORKS…

  1. I have a quickie idea to get you moving on the old window… Use the Kylon looking glass paint and age it to look like old mirror.. Super easy and fast, then you are done with one project! I did an old church window this way if you are interested in seeing how it looks! Good luck getting your stuff done… I empathize 😉

    • Susan, what an EXCELLENT idea and great motivation indeed. I love that vintage mirror look. Do you have a post on how you did it? I’m headed over to your blog as we speak to take a peek! Thanks much 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve got two old windows to upcycle (one I found just last night but the other one has been waiting for months) and a few other things that wouldn’t take long at all once I get to them. The problem is actually getting to them! >.< Hope you get to yours soon!! 😉

  3. Oh Kristen – It seems like I get the things I work on to a point where they are great for picture taking but not quite finished! I have a list to work on too. Goal – Everything almost finished project completely done by summer! Thanks for sharing, Patti

    • Patti, sounds like you’re in the same boat! I’m actually finishing up the piano bench today and then moving on to the next unfinished project. It’s good to have a goal! Good luck 🙂

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